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Instrument Repair And Custom Shop.

Here are some examples of the Custom and Repair work we undertake - Please contact us for further information.




Year: 1973

Finish: Jetglo

I saw this guitar on Ebay about 20 years ago and bought it because i needed a pair of original Toaster pickups for my 1978 4005FG. The rest of the guitar was parted out as a previous owner had butchered the body by cutting off the horns. Maybe the horns have a certain theraputic healing effect , who knows. For the next 20 years the body and neck kicked around my workshop gathering dust and picking up more and more dings and scratches. Then recently (Sept 2016 ) I decided to put her back together again. As I hadn't thrown or sold her after all this time , maybe that's what should be done .


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Year: 1963

Finish: Mapleglo

Imagine seeing this when you open a beat up silver tolex Rickenbacker case. Once you catch your breath and stop cussing the hatchet wealding eejit who butchered this beauty, you take a decision of what to do next. Click the link below to see how ,with the help of DF ,undoubtably the best Rickenbacker repairer in the USA, we gave this beauty a new lease of life , and boy this bird really sings.

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Year: 2013

Finish: Fireglo

Damn The Torpedoes

A customer contacted us and asked if we coud supply him with a 620/12 to look as close to MIke Campbells guitar onTom Petty"s Damn the Topedoes album as possible, using a brand new guitar as a starting point. He knew exactly what he wanted and naturally we agreed to take on the request.

The picture to the left shows the 2013 620/12 in standard spec.


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Year: 2006

Finish: "Snowglo"


See how we customised a 2006 4003 to make our Bee Gee lookalike bass.


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325 v59

Year: 1985

Finish: Jetglo

Gone to the seed might be an accurate way to describe this guitars condition when it was brought to us for some TLC. The owner had played in bands and it was put away in its case many years ago and left to "Develop" shall we say.

The picture to the left shows how it had "Developed"

The owner wanted new strings, a set up and "The dings touching up" However he hadn't noticed that there was a cracked heel on the neck joint and as a result the action was about 10mm at the 12th fret as the neck had come forward .We offered the owner a full restoration including all necessary repairs and needless to say when he got it back, he was very very pleased.

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Rickenbacker E1 Panel Repair Service

In Stock - Free UK Postage, We Ship Worldwide-Email Us

This is for the repair of your own E1 Compressor panel as fitted to the RM Limited Edition guitars. Return your faulty panel to us by registered post fully insured and we will repair it and return it to you in the same way.


This is a repair service, not a replacement panel.

Real Retro






4080 Wiring

This 4080 had been subjected to really poor wiring modifications as you will see. Naturally the guitar was unreliable, losing sound, with expected crackles buzzes and hums. Click on the picture to see how this beautiful instruments wiring had been butchered.


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Year: 1994

Finish: Fireglo

Apparently the poor guy's wife launched this out of a second floor window , and he took it to his local music shop in the USA to see what they could do . They put it on ebay for spares, and we bought it .

This was back in 2004. When it arrived, although the body and neck was in three pieces, it looked too good to break so we breathed new life into her over the next few months, and now she is a real beauty, fully restored fully functional and she sounds great.

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Year: 1974

Finish: Black

Bought years ago as a Mapleglo..which actually turned out to be 'Grey Primer Glo". Good news was that all the important stuff was OK so we decided to give this the 'best of everything from over the years' treatment

Starting with great resonant maple body and neck, the neck and body binding were removed and the body reshaped to the 4001S profile. The neck was reshaped,and the fretboard painted black to match the rest of the guitar.

New Zealand Mother Of Pearl Dot markers replaced the triangle inlays . The neck pickup was replaced with a 7.4K reissue scatterwound toaster, the bridge pickup is a Hybrid reissue Horseshoe, using all the Horseshoe components except for the bobbin. A standard 4003 high gain coil assembly is used but with the flat magnet and the pole pieces removed and rare earth neodym magnets used as new pole pieces

A Black RickysSounds replacement pickguard and Genuine Rickenbacker TRC complete the look . All other hardware is original 1974.